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Guitar Music Samples

Part Time Love, Slow Blues Live with Mike Finnigan
Fuchs pedal demo NAMM 2008 Funk fusion
Ta Ta Ya Baby Live with Tim Scott and Mike Finnigan
Nothin is gonna Be all right Live with Mike Finnigan
Dimarzio demo
Vocal Percussion
Slow Blues
Slow Blues with Slide
Jesse's Blues, solo blues guitar
Thank you in advance, Mose Allison Blues
Acoustic Guitars, Maya's Other dance, aka Shakti
Ambient acoustic and voice 1
Modern Groove 1
Progressive Metal 1
Ambient Cinematic Music 1
"At last" with Robbyn Kirmsse
"I can't make you love me" with Robbyn Kirmsse
"NY State of mind" with Robbyn Kirmsse
"Bridge over troubled water" with Robbyn Kirmsse
Modern Groove 2
Lotsa notes fun Guitar
Shuffle Blues Jazz
"The Giving tree", acoustic guitar with Jesse
Modern Groove 3
Modern Groove 4
Some fun Funk with Horns
Some Swamp funk
Modern Groove 5
When a man loves a woman
TV Music 1
Edgy Rock 1
Fusion 1
Fusion 2 clean solo
Autumn Leaves with Jeff Paris
Have you met Miss Jones with Jeff Paris
Funky Fusion demo 1
Bad Love Featuring Tamara Champlin
I can't Stand the Rain Featuring Tamara Champlin (Cover)
Livin' in America Featuring Tim Scott (Cover)
Fuchs pedal demo NAMM 2008 Blues

All music, except where obvious, was written by John March © 2004.Everything was arranged, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by John March. Distribution, duplication or transmission is by permission only